Bye bye winter – see you next season

Reflecting on a magnificent Ischgl Season 2022/23. The season was showered with great winter experiences and unforgettable memories and awesome concerts. The delightful blend of freezing air and hot adrenaline rush was simply mixed to perfection. Ischgl was at its prime, showcasing its winter charm like no other. The hills were alive with the sound of skis, sending echoes of pure exhilaration and uncapped adventure. Ischgl in winter, a sight to behold. A grand canvas painted with nature’s finest shades of white and blue. Skiing in Ischgl, a journey filled with seamless turns and sweeping vistas. A perfect stage for a winter season with a touch of the extraordinary. Yearning for the next winter and the promise of more good times in Ischgl. Stay tuned and looking forward to seeing you soon again,

Brigitte and Niko